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Image Carol Dawson

Image: ©Media Fizz

Carol Dawson

Carol Dawson is an award-winning fiddle player. She has a distinctive style which is predominately English. Carol is interested in most fiddle music and incorporates this in her playing.

An Associate of the London College of Music and a Licentiate of the Trinity College of Music, Carol oversees the folk centre and will be running classes for both adults and young people.

Image Steve Le Voguer

Image: ©Media Fizz

Steve Le Voguer

Steve Le Voguer is a virtuoso guitarist. He plays all styles of guitar including Traditional, Folk, Flamenco, Rock and Jazz.

He is an experienced performer and teacher. Steve will be running classes for both adults and young people.

Image Sam Pirt

Sam Pirt

Sam Pirt is a virtuoso accordion player.  His repertoire consists of tunes from all over the world - as well as self-penned tunes.

Sam is originally from Goole and plays accordion in various bands - including 422 - winner of the 1999 Radio 2 Young Tradition Award. He will be running classes for adults and young people at the Ropewalk in Barton-upon-Humber.

Image Ciaran Boyle

Image: ©Media Fizz

Ciarán Boyle

Ciáran Boyle is a master bodhrán player and singer of the Irish tradition. His second CD 'Bright Flame' has had rave reviews.

Ciáran has an amazing voice and his bodhrán playing is incredible. He will be running classes for both adults and young people.

Image Kirsty Hannah

Image:©Dean Wilkinson

Kirsty Hannah

Local folk historian and musician Kirsty Hannah is our folk song tutor. She is from Grimsby and sings traditional and contemporary folk songs from her native county and beyond. Kirsty's work is available for download or on compact disc. 

Image Kirsty Hannah

Peter Barnard

Peter is an excellent and experienced player of the melodeon, Anglo and English concertinas. He plays regularly for dancing and in concert format. He is an experienced teacher, at all levels of experience and ability. He particularly enjoys teaching those completely new to their instrument. Aside from playing these folk instruments, he’s a multi-instrumentalist in a historical medieval and Tudor band, de Mowbray’s

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